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The worlds most comprehensive analytical lottery software program available. No matter what lotto game you play, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick6, or the PowerBall and Mega Millions games, Lottery Slayer software  helps you find numbers that win the lottery more often.

Why?  Because it works.

Watch the above video for a quick outline of LotterySlayer.

Are YOU a regular lottery player?                                                [ec_chat_button_inline]

Then you can relate to this:  How many times have you looked at a winning lottery combination and said to yourself,  "that combination looks familiar" or "those numbers look familiar".

They look  familiar because winning lottery combination's of 2 or 3 numbers often repeat themselves. Depending on the game you are playing, this repetitive action of combinations is very important when picking numbers to play.  That is if you really want to win the lottery.

Since each game is different, lottery combinations work differently in each game.

For example in Pick 3 lottery and Pick 4 lottery , lottery combination's of 3 and 4  for each lottery game respectively repeat often.  Pick3 and Pick 4 lottery  "Box"  combination's repeat more often.

Understanding NUMBER relationships helps you increase the odds of winning.  It also helps you determine which number combination's to play.

In Pick 5 lottery and Pick 6 lotto games, the winning lottery combinations relationships are even more important.  Did you know that in over 50% of the time the first three numbers of a winning lottery combination has never been drawn before in that order?

So if in your picks the first 3 numbers in your combination have been picked before, the  odds against you winning are doubled!  So it is very important to watch how you pick your numbers.

Here's another tip, only 1 in 4 or 5 times is a combination of 4 numbers ever drawn again.  Do you check your numbers to see if they have ever had a winning lottery combination of 4 in them win before?

You Play Quick Picks?

Quick picks can be a waste of money, it's that simple.  The other day I got a FREE quick pick in the Florida Fantasy 5 lottery.  I call this my million dollar Pick 5 ticket, or it should have been worth a million.  My "Quick Pick" numbers were 11,12,13,14,15 .   Five numbers in a row.  Maybe you agree, I should have won a million just for getting STUCK with that  quick pick!!

That's why I NEVER buy Quick Picks.

The Intelligent Lottery Software: Lottery Slayer!

With LotterySlayer you can do so much more than your imagination can ever dream of.  With Lotteryslayer and it's suite of bonus programs you can analyze any Lottery game and in multiple ways!

If you ANALYZE, you'll win more:

  • because you intelligently pick numbers
  • because you create combination's that have never been drawn before
  • because you see which combination's of two numbers come up the most
  • because you see which combination's of three numbers come up most often
  • because you see which combination's of four numbers have come up and when
  • because with LotterySlayer you can do just about any kind of analysis you want
  • because when you intelligently pick your numbers you increase your chances of winning!

With in the  Lottery Slayer's Members Only site you can learn how to do all of the above and much more.

Watch the video above, see the power, use your imagination and then get  LotterySlayer, the lottery software program,  but only  if you are serious about trying to Win the Lottery!

GET LotterySlayer now because it works!

Order LotterySlayer Now!

When YOU try LotterySlayer you'll also get these fantastic FREE bonus statistical programs:

  • LAST DRAWS: This statistical  program takes your list of past winning draws and tells you draw by draw how many days have passed since those number was last drawn.  Build custom winning profiles based on how many days since numbers were last drawn instead of picking individual numbers!
  • THE NUMLYZER PROGRAM: Take any list of past winning  draws and get an up to date break down of  odds and evens for the list.  Also  create custom categories to see how numbers are spread out amongst the pool of numbers.  Create categories for any grouping of numbers. Find that groove where the numbers are concentrated and then play only combinations in that groove.   Save your results and then study them in  LotterySlayer or in an Excel spread sheet.
  • FREQUENCY CHECKER: This program allows you to take your list of past winning draws and analyze the winning numbers to see how many times in the last "X" (definable)  number of draws those numbers have come up.  You'll analyze the entire list line by line and then create a custom profile of what a winning draw looks like.

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