4 Pick 3 winning tickets in 2 weeks!

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How did we do it?

Let me tell you.

In Pick 3 there are 1000 winning straight combination's and there are 220 box combination's.

So the simplest way to look at this game is by using the box combinations.

The first step is to look at the history of the winning box combinations.  To do this we load up the LotterySlayer program with the latest Pick 3  results file and then sort the 4000+ winning numbers in the file to show us what combinations have been drawn, how many times they were drawn, and the last time that they were drawn.

We could stop here and take the list of last time they were drawn,  determine the average number of draws per combination,  and then go to our list of combinations and sort it by dates to find the combinations that have not been drawn in that number of days.

Let me give you an example.  Let's say I determine that the most often drawn box combinations are drawn every 145 draws.  I could go to my LotterySlayer list of past combination winnners and look for combinations that are often drawn and have not been drawn in 145  draws.  I would then play those combinations.

But I took this one step further.  I took my results list for Pick 3 ( my csv file) and loaded it into a Bonus program we offer in our Members Only are and  look at the number of days between draws of a combination (box) of 3  numbers.  So what this means is we take a list and one line by one line look at that draw.  Say the first draw in the list was 123, the program will look for any combination of 123 and tell you how many days since it was last drawn.  It then does this for every winning line in the file.  At the end you can see where the most draws are base not on the combinations but on the number of days since they were last drawn.  I know this is a little complicated but bare with me.

As it turns out the most often drawn combinations (based on days since drawn) are those that have not been drawn in 90 to 110 days ago.  Now you go back to the LotterySlayer program and arrange your list results by date and look at the combinations drawn ( but never repeated again) from 90 to 100 days ago.

I took the combinations with high repeat numbers (20 repeat draws minimum) and played those for a box draw.

Over 14 days, I won the Pick 3 four times by this method.  I've used the same method on Pick 4 with good results also.

Currently we are expanding our research into these combinations searches base on past history of the # of draws since last drawn with excellent results so far.

2 Responses to “4 Pick 3 winning tickets in 2 weeks!”

  1. Rosalyn Bache Says:

    Hope it right place to ask. Is there any strategy that will show me how to win the lottery? Even small prizes.Or at least will give me some advantage.. say more than 50% chance ? What do you say?

  2. Says:

    Sorry Rosalyn, there is NO strategy that will give you a 50-50 chance of winning. While some people ( other lottery marketers) may say so, it’s simply not true. I’ve back tested just about every system out there and none give you that kind of edge. You can improve your chances of winning by playing smart and analyzing past draws. We’ve been very successful doing this.

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