How to pick your MegaMillions numbers!

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With this weeks big drawing over $100 Million, I decide to post a video I did on how to pick your MegaMillions numbers.

You'll see in this video exactly how I picked my numbers for this weeks draw.

The video is about 35 minutes long, so hang in there. There's lots of good content.

This video applys to both MegaMillions  AND  PowerBall.


Let yourself dream, someone always wins!

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Winning tickets from our 6 month test!

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You can view our winning tickets from our 6 month test here

Soon we will update this page and add the next 6 months.

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How to Compare Lottery Strategies

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How to Compare Lottery Strategies

By: Professor Dolph

When it comes to improving your chances of winning the lottery, there are really only two things you can do.

1. Buy more tickets.
2. Improve your odds of winning.

For example, if the odds of winning the lottery jackpot are 1:2,500,000, you can improve your chances of winning to 1:100,000 if you buy 25 wagers. But, for those of us who would prefer to use our brain rather than our money, we use lottery software to improve our chances of winning the lottery jackpot before we spend money on wagers.

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What It Feels Like To Win The Lottery

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By: Daniel Millions

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to win the lottery? Let's face it: there are plenty of individuals who dream about winning the lottery, but few who dream about it actually win.

The first issue that one should keep in mind when playing the lottery, whether it's the UK Lottery, the United States Lottery, or any other lottery throughout the world, is that your chances are very slim. However, this is probably most of what attracts many individuals around the world to take part in national and state lotteries in the first place.

A second, and perhaps most important, issue that one should think carefully about before playing the lottery is how much winning a national or state lottery will change their life. There are many true stories about individuals who have struck it rich by winning millions of dollars in the lottery, but then somehow losing it all in fame, fortune, or even death.

For example, there are several cases where individuals have won plenty of money in the lottery, but for whatever reason have declared bankruptcy a few years later! This could have resulted from carelessness with spending the lottery winnings, but another possibility is that lottery winners may be robbed of their money!

If one just thinks for a moment at how much publicity they'll receive from winning the lottery and how much their friends and families attitudes will change towards them if they actually win the lottery, then chances are that those who have already won would take it all back if they had the chance to!

On the other hand, there are so many great things and accomplishments that one can take on if he or she wins the lottery. Considering the fact that national lotteries and even state lotteries have very high stakes then this means that an individual usually probably ends up winning over a million dollars or more!

Not only would you be able to put away some money for your children's college fund, but you'd probably also be able to put money away for your grand children's college fund, as well as for many other things, including vacations, retirements, new houses for yourself and your family, and even new cars if desired. Retirement is also another issue that is usually saved up for after the lottery has been won, as well as saving for vacations, extra houses, and even brand new automobiles!

As mentioned, though, chances of actually winning the lottery are very, very slim. In other words, you are essentially spending the income that you now have on lottery chances when you could be spending the money on other very important things, like food, clothing, or necessary bills.

Many people don't realize how much their spending on lottery tickets actually stacks up, but when you calculate the amount that a person spends in a whole year or more on lottery tickets alone the savings could be very huge for someone who lives paycheck-to-paycheck.

Yet, there are millions of people who play the lottery either daily or weekly with no qualms or regrets about it at all. All things considered, winning the lottery can be a great thing for practically everyone. Knowing some of the risks that come with playing and actually winning the lottery, though, is something that must be thought about!

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Lottery Though the Ages

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By: Ariel

The Great Wall of China is one of mankind’s greatest achievements and its history is closely tied into that of the first lottery. In the 2nd century B.C.E. the ruling Han Dynasty of China started to build the Great Wall of China to protect the country from northern invaders. Upon realizing that this would be a costly project, the Han Dynasty created a public lottery to help finance the major project.

Later in the Roman Empire, wealthy families would hold lotteries as a game or a gimmick during parties. All of the guests who entered the party would receive a lottery ticket and prized would be drawn to entertain the guests. While they often offered luxurious prizes all party goers were assured of winning something.

The Dutch were the first Europeans to implement a monetary prize only lottery and base prizes on odds. The first Dutch lottery offered small prizes but very good odds as one in four people won. The lottery proved to be very accepted, and was hailed as a painless way to collect taxes or raise money for government. In the Netherlands the lottery was used to raise money to support poor people, build dikes, and to construct defense fortifications. The English word lottery stems from the Dutch word loterij, which is derived from the Dutch noun lot meaning fate. The Dutch National Lottery is the oldest still existing lottery.

In the United States the lottery has existed in the private form since the early 1880’s. In fact many of the technological and mathematical advances in the lottery came from this period when all of the lotteries were privately run. Competing companies were constantly trying to patent their innovations to gain an advantage over their competitors. The first state lottery was started by New Hampshire in 1964. In 1988 the Multi-State Lottery Association was formed with 7 original members to create the Powerball Lottery. Today there are Lotteries in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

The future of the lottery is very bright. Today there are online lottery games and ways to purchase lottery tickets online. The internet is allowing players to play lotteries from anywhere in the world. One of the most complete lottery sites today is which offers the odds and information about lotteries from all over the world.

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