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A Michigan hunter recently captured a mysterious image on one of his game cameras that looked suspiciously like a mountain lion, but when he asked the state Department of Natural Resources to review the image, they said "nope, bobcat." Others aren't so sure...

From this story on :Avid bowhunter Jeff Bruxvoort sat in his tree stand last weekend and scanned through photos from his new trail camera, set up to give a preview of the big bucks he could expect to see while hunting this season. What he found was something he never expected to see. "There were about a hundred photos on there but mostly of squirrels and things like that," Bruxvoort said. 

Then I saw that one and I was like 'Whoa!'" What he saw was a fuzzy image of a long, sleek-looking cat -- but it couldn't be, could it? "To me, it looked like a mountain lion but I just couldn't get it through my head," Bruxvoort said. "I went home that night and downloaded it onto my computer."

According to the story, when Bruxvoort sent the photo in to the DNR, they quickly replied that what he had captured on the photo was a bobcat, which Bruxvoort has a hard time believing.

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From the story: "I emailed them back and said 'If that's a bobcat, then there's a problem with the DNR..."I'll hand that picture to someone and say 'Tell me what it is' and everyone says it's a mountain lion," Bruxvoort said. "There's a lot of sightings in the Lower Peninsula but the DNR hasn't confirmed them. They claim there are no mountain lions down here."

Looks to me like a Mountain Lion, Think the DNR needs to put a little more effort into this one.

Well obviously if it has a long tail it's a mountain lion, if not it's a bobcat. This looks like it has a tail to me but it's hard to tell without a larger or more detailed image. But I'm thinking mountain lion.

Looks like a cougar to me. I doubt it was an actual biologist who answered the email, probably a desk jockey.

Michigan Trail Cam Photo: Is it a

I think we should go easy on the DNR for not calling it a mountain lion right away. It's pretty hard to tell what the animal is and I'm sure they don't want to create a panic by saying it's a mountain lion if they are not sure. I think they should say that it's hard to tell based on the picture and they can not accurately determine what the animal is without more info.

What the hunter should do is go back to that spot and take some measurements. It's hard to tell if the cat in question is 2 feet long or 6 feet long. Some scale would help a lot.

Defiantly need some scale and a closer shot of the tail as stated before! Any laws against baiting in Michigan? If not I would put out a carcass and see if it shows up again.

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