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Pick three is a lottery game in which one need to select any three digit number within the limit of 000 to 999 to make a bet. You can play Pick three in various ways like straight, boxed, front pair, back pair, split pair, six-way wheel bet, and three way wheel bet.

Like in every game, pick three lotteries also holds equivalent chances of wining and loosing but people who are playing this game since long have come up with several strategies and tricks to win the game easily. These strategies can be used by others as well by just being a little intelligent and sharp to increase the chances of winning the game.

The most important thing to raise the chances of your win is to select the perfect winning number. Key to win any game is the confidence and faith of the player. Therefore, if the person participating in the pick three lottery game have trust and playing with his instincts he/she will no doubt raise the chances of his or her win. In the Pick three lottery the numbers are drawn randomly. Hence, any number can be the perfect winning combination of digits. Whatever number you select to play the game, be confident about it and stick to it till last
People expert in playing pick three lottery recommend selecting numbers that are not alike, as the odd numbers have higher getting in draw. For example instead of picking up 99 or 22, if you will make a combination of 92 or 29 it will have higher chances to make you win the game. It is been observed that straight numbers come up more frequently, such as 234, 678, 789. Hence, it is recommend trying to pick up simple and straight combination of digits rather then making it complicated and wasting your energy to come up with some extra ordinary or strange combination of digits to be a winner.

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